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    ALUMINUM Arctic is the backbone enterprises of the Group, the to squeeze manufacturer of Jiangsu Province, the largest building profiles and industrial profiles. The plant has a strong technical force and production capacity, has 630T, 1300T, 1600T aluminum extrusion machine production profile width of up to 320mm, aluminum alloy types 6061,6082,6005,6003,7075 series, all products strictly implementation of national GB/T5237-2000 standard.
   Arctic aluminum factory for customers from product development - mold design, manufacturing - Extrusion - surface treatment - to detect one-stop service, according to customers different technical requirements of production. Able to provide fast, accurate silvery white sand, electrophoresis, spraying and other surface treatment technology to meet the various needs of the customer profile appearance varieties. Aluminum window and door profile series has developed its own high-strength, water tightness, air tightness, insulation with excellent characteristics. Is now widely used to Meiyuan New Village "Jingu homes" Fairview Chuan Mountain "high-end residential area. Products are praised by customers.
    Arctic aluminum factory is located in the picturesque Old Town Zhenjiang Dantu District Guyang Town Industrial Park, with the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, 312 State Road, adjacent to, the transportation is very convenient.

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