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Sufficient funds to continue to support the price, the State Reserve toss zinc affect the material i
Time:2010.11.04 News source:Zhenjiang city Dantu District Beiji aluminum plant

Zinc prices in October was a roller coaster ride! "This is a common understanding of the domestic zinc market, fares rose to about 19,300 yuan in October 29 from about 17,850 yuan in October 8, local The overall zinc ingot prices on the market rose about 1,500 yuan. Shaoguan Smelter in particular by the plant shutdown message to suppress the operational impact and profit after zinc prices more ups and downs in a short period of time. In fact, the Shaoguan Smelter discontinued the actual impact is not large, mainly due to ample liquidity in the market, seize the opportunity to frenzied speculation the news side, thus promoting zinc prices rose to the lucrative, and when speculation will be profitable for the first. Domestic zinc market has always been a lack of news force of the market, So the funds chasing liter amplitude corresponding restricted.

It is understood that the majority of market participants holding more optimistic bullish sentiment for the stock market in November still. Stems from this week with more news of the introduction, multinational discuss interest rates and the mid-term elections in the United States, these are the main factors affecting the financial markets, but for foreign economy, most people expected the United States and other European countries, the economy is not yet steady will continue to implement a loose monetary policy, coupled with the appreciation of the Chinese yuan is estimated will continue, so the overall capital flows will continue to play a role in the promote the market. Affected by domestic energy saving around the smelter's output accordingly affected, winter is approaching will affect beneficiation mining and transportation, domestic spending power has been trapped in the export and environmental problems and reduce But these factors balance each other offset.

This week announced that the State Reserve in November 9, 50,000 tons of zinc tender for sale, but the number is not large and is dispersed to the various provinces, the market believes that the market will only form a small suppress, the impact expected to be significant; recently the leading domestic spot price of copper imported from abroad has been to maintain a large premium, so good favorable price support, which is the zinc market outlook to a supporting factor. These all contributed to the main cause of market participants remain bullish sentiment. In the case of not particularly suppress news out expected zinc City in November, will be shaking up the pattern.

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