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Steel prices rebound in sight steel mills mixed
Time:2010.11.04 News source:Zhenjiang city Dantu District Beiji aluminum plant

After the energy saving of more than two months, steel prices finally ushered in the prices of the "Dawn". Recently Shougang, Hebei Iron and Steel (4.34,0.06,1.40%) Group ex-factory price of the settlement price of long steel in November than October 50 yuan -80 yuan / ton. It is worth noting that Hebei Iron and Steel Group has the absolute right to speak ", overwhelmed by compensatory growth undoubtedly emboldened enhancements to the current round of steel price rebound in construction steel pricing.
"Economic Information Daily" reporters further learned, has been in a high domestic stocks also began to change. Steel mesh for construction steel inventory statistics from 26 large and medium-sized cities, steel stocks fell from 7,073,500 t in October 8 to October 29, 6.329 million tons, a decline of 10.5%, a record for a single month of the year decline in new high . This also means that the supply of steel pressure eased.
"Down a liter can be seen, the steel market has recently begun to pick up." Mysteel director Xu Xiangchun said in an interview with reporters. It is understood that the price continued to rise in most parts of the spot market. Rebar prices from 28 markets nationwide price of 4581 yuan / ton, up up to 8 wire price of 4411 yuan / ton, up up 7.
Energy saving pressure led to the decline in steel production, which is the important reason for the current round of steel price rebound. "Hebei Iron and Steel Group insider told the" Economic Information Daily "reporters.
The data show that, following a decline in crude steel output to 162 million tons in early October, and again in mid-fall to 156 million tons. Correspondingly, the further increase pressure on energy saving, Hebei Tangshan region again received brownouts shutdown notice, is expected to continue until the end of the year, but severely brownouts lesser extent in September. In addition, Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces have also expand energy conservation, Guangzhou Iron and Steel limited production 50%, can be expected steel production before the end of the year will continue to be suppressed.
Rising steel prices, ore price will follow up. "For domestic steel mills suffered the oppression of raw materials rising, the current mood is" mixed ".
The vice president told reporters of a central China steel mills, rising steel prices, steel mills have been a good thing, but the past proved, as long as the steel prices fluctuate slightly, iron ore prices go up immediately, and the price is much higher than steel prices rose, but wait until steel prices fell ore price is still strong, the final steel mills it harder.
Remark is true, the reporter learned that the recent market quotations of imported ore remained stable, increased inquiry, Tianjin Port (9.78,0.06,0.62%) Spot with fewer resources, and with the recent steel prices continued to rise, traders intends to raise the offer. As of the 3rd, the outer disk of 63.5% / 63% Indian iron ore fines is maintained at 159-161 U.S. dollars / ton, Tangshan, Hebei China mine was steady at 1,300 yuan / ton, the overall ore price is still running at a high level. , Billet, coke prices this week there are different degrees of increase, the cost of steel prices continue to play a strong supporting role.
"The current round of steel price recovery is mainly affected by the impact of reduced supply and the cost of support." Xu Xiangchun told reporters, so the judge from the trend, steel prices during the year, the state will maintain consolidation callback, especially with the reduction of inventory of steel, steel The price fall is unlikely.
On the other hand, it is worth noting, Xu Xiangchun that the analysis of the steel mills from the point of view of the raw material concerns do exist. In general, the price of the upstream and downstream industries would have been mutual impact, but in a monopoly position, under the monopoly of the three mines iron ore prices often rose easily fell difficult situation, rising steel prices that reflect the sensitive but reflect falling steel prices are a bit slow. If the current round of steel price rebound, three mines nature will not let go of this excellent opportunity to push high ore prices. Thus affecting the latter part of the cost of steel, resulting in greater pressure from the steel mills in the late.
"But from the current situation analysis and judgment, the supporting force is not strong steel prices rebounded sharply in the fourth quarter, because the demand for steel and do not see significant signs of recovery, at the same time the high steel inventory and excess supply pressures still exist." His analysis pointed out.

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