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China Aluminium Network CEO Mao Jicheng: B2B Breakthrough Road
Time:2010.11.04 News source:Zhenjiang city Dantu District Beiji aluminum plant

April 24, 5th E-commerce Application Development Conference held in Shenzhen, the theme of this meeting to the transformation and upgrading. Were invited to the Shenzhen government leaders, representatives of the outstanding e-commerce businesses (including Ali Baba, network Sheng Bao, made in China, Global Markets, steel, Dunhuang network, etc.), experts and scholars, and many excellent SME executives , analysis and discussion Chinese SME e-commerce applications to new trends. Research Center of China's e-commerce site graphic reports, following China Aluminium Network CEO Mao Jicheng.

Question: B2B What is the most painful lesson of the past 10 years?

Mao Jicheng: B2B mode no innovation has been to follow the most traditional members and advertising models, resulting in the B2B imagination so fast.

Q: below 20 million annual turnover in most industry website, do you think what are the constraints?

Mao Jicheng: There are two factors that affect turnover: First, industry differences mode problem. Obsolete B2B model is still the biggest factor restricting the development of the industry Web site.

Develop good Mysteel, it broke the traditional membership + advertising model to carry out the advisory services, research reports and online trade, dig the needs of the industry, so to make a lot of turnover. Many websites encounter ceiling, unable to break through the turnover is because there is no in-depth industry mode there is no innovation.

Q: What is the biggest bottleneck of the current site development, as well as what you expect change? Significant change in three years, your site will appear?

Mao Jicheng: The biggest bottleneck is the lack of talent with industry expertise, this is a lot to do in-depth industry services B2B website common problem. China Glass, for example, we have no shortage of e-commerce technology personnel familiar with the glass market, but the lack of professionals familiar with the glass trade.

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